Welcome to my website. My name is Elly Zethof and I am a Dutch language teacher. I give language training to help people pass their NT2 and to make living in the Netherlands easier and more enjoyable. I can give lessons at my own home office or at your workplace, "one on one"or in small groups. read more

Why is it important?

Language = communication.
It's what binds people together,
it's an investment in the future
and a step towards a better experience
of living and working here in the Netherlands..

My language course is for people who:

  • Want to learn Dutch as a second language.
  • Are looking for a more individual and flexible course that they can do at their own pace, in a fun and friendly way.
  • Professional yet affordable classes in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Want to improve their writing in Dutch.

Say therefore YES to the language

Approach and methods